Friday Links: Product Edition

Grace Pelling
Aug 18, 2017 · 2 min read
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It’s been a really, really long week. But we’ve got you covered! Here’s some light reading to get you in a better mood this Friday 🙌 🌞

  1. In the world of 2017 technology, I think it’s a safe bet to say users expect a product to be updated with fancy new features pretty often— otherwise you’re heading for an App Store review of the “this is stale!” sort. Here’s a very eloquent article describing Ulysses shift to a universal subscription to enable frequent updates and paid development. (via Kevin Barrett)
  2. This is a very interesting read on how important a digital platform is to it’s respective culture and community (in this case, Soundcloud). (via Skyler Balbus)
  3. I think we all know how easy it can be to come to work, do your job, talk to a couple of specific coworkers about a project, and go home. Here’s a pretty unassuming Slack bot that will try and get you and a randomized coworker together for coffee (or a donut!) every once in a while. (via Matthew Famularo & Skyler Balbus)
  4. It’s pretty fun to torture yourself and think about what life could have been like if only you’d listened to that one person telling you to buy bitcoin in 2012. This website will let you work out just how much you could’ve made. (via Neil Renicker)
  5. Medium’s changed the way you’d tell me that you enjoyed these Product Links. We’re not entirely sure how we feel about it, but you should still give me lots of 👏👏👏👏👏! (via Matt Quintanilla)

Have a good weekend, stay off Twitter, and do something nice for yourself and others. ✌

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