NorthSec 2020 Write-Up: Acrossword Puzzle

The evil crossword puzzle

First Flag

PDF Producer Flag

Second Flag

1. Astronomer who wrote a book about a security incident at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

2. She is the Razorgirl

3. Cyberpunk novel, and soon to be TV series, which coined the word “meme”

4. Answer which took over 7 million years to compute

5. Real author surname who wrote about a “Three Alarm Lamp Scooter”

6. Surname of Canadian-British author who wrote a book on toaster DRM

7. Sobol’s lesser-known game.

8. Last name of management which created a hotel AI


9. Homicidal supercomputer whom Dr. Guess has a special bond with

10. Company that evolved paranoiac software to say things such as: “Based on the information you have gathered, do you consider it more likely that I am a lurker, or a spoofer? Currently it is more likely that you are a lurker.”

Lamarck Logic

11. Test to differentiate human and asteroid

12. Mala’s “Big Sister”


13. Cost of eponymous drug from question 3, after inflation







I like secure, mobile clouds full of poutine.

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Guillaume Ross

Guillaume Ross

I like secure, mobile clouds full of poutine.

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