Dissecting a Successful Business

People make the world go round. And when taking a look at the people of any successful company, an obvious place to start is at the top with the CEO or other high level executives. However, in order to discover what really makes a company thrive, you need to examine its bones, which means from starting your search at the very bottom of the organization. And I’m not talking about the bottom being a secretary or executive assistant. I’m talking about employees who are working nights, cleaning offices, etc. If these people are happy and genuinely care about the success of the company, the proverbial “secret sauce” has been found. This not only drives short term gains and stints of prosperity. But turns a regular business into a multi-generational organization. A place where people are truly proud to work for years and years to come. I’ve worked at companies where temporary employees have labeled it “the worst place they have been assigned.” If an employee that is working at a company temporarily and has a light at the end of the tunnel says this, what do you think the janitorial staff would say? If I had to take a guess, I would say the exact same thing. So for all you CEO’s out there, take time to acknowledge even the lowliest of workers. The success of your business depends on it.