Working with a remote team: How to be a Rock Star Product Owner

Tools to automate communication:

  • Record video for the PO once per 1–2 weeks.
  • The spreadsheet with a list of questions to the PO.
  • Jira/Redmine/Basecamp/Trello — collaboration software.
  • Continuous Integration approach.
  • Dynamic CI — automated code promotion.
  • Git/Github flow — Separate environments for Dev, Test, Production.

Team expertise:

A team with a good expertise in a specific business domain, or that has already been doing a similar project, makes fewer mistakes and spends less time fixing errors respectively.


A price shouldn’t be a decisive factor for choosing a subcontract. If you take a specific region you want to employ the outsourcing company in, then a price of various companies may differ insignificantly no matter the size of the company.

Transparent work environment:

During the development process, a team has to show the change related statistics.

  1. Planned features,
  2. Change requests,
  3. New features

In conclusion, here is a check list:

  1. Choosing a team, use two core criteria: similar projects in the portfolio and the total number of released projects. Evaluate projects: how successful they are today, and whether they are working today or not.
  2. Check references from the former clients. Do not hesitate to contact a client of any project through LinkedIn, Facebook,, and ask him a couple of questions.
  3. Use basic development flow automation software: Jira/Redmine/Basecamp/Trello, Git, Google Spreadsheet.
  4. Ask to make a project roadmap and milestones before kicking off the development, and accept each milestone mentioning the result as fixed.



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Gera IT


Health / Edu / Fintech Custom Solutions Development Company