It is not a popular liberal myth.
Svetlana Voreskova

Dear Svetlana Voreskova,

Why bring up “ In the early 1860s more black people in Africa owned slaves than white people in America.” The discussion is about slavery HERE IN AMERICA. While it is true that slavery existed in Africa, as well other parts of the world, and still exist today (the sex slave trade), the transatlantic slave trade of Africans was qualitative different because it dehumanized its subjects, was a permanent status that you were born into, and there has never been any compensation after the release from slave status. This was quite a change from the ‘rules of slavery.’ It also instituted a false race stratum to justify its existence.

“ It is not a popular liberal myth. It is just something that anyone who has been helped by a good cop knows from experience.” Do you mean anyone who has a certain phenotype or ancestral origins from certain places? Is it possible that you have different experiences than other people, such that a cop could be ‘good’ to you but ‘evil’ to someone else?

“When gangs of ruthless war-lords are pillaging and looting your communities at will; then at least you will have nobody left to blame it on but yourself.” In some communities, the police ARE the ruthless war-lords of which you speak. Imagine that.

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