Blackness Fears Constructive Criticism
Traditional Tradesman

Initially, I saw your point but then I began in my mind to challenge your point that Ms. Long’s film review was “constructive criticism.” To be fair, I did not read Ms. Long’s review but if some of the points in Josh’s critique of her review are accurate, then she DOES appear to have some type of racial lens. Josh’s mistake was generalizing his critique of the reviewer to all of the people who share her skin color. However, in calling Josh out on this, many responses (not necessarily yours) have in turn, generalized all black people.

I agree with you that we need to “get beyond race,” however, what I need you to understand is that you are in a more privileged position to get beyond it. Perhaps, because it does not permeate your life in the same way it does for others. If “get beyond” means to ignore the ways in which “race” affects the “liberty” and “pursuit of happiness” of some, then I disagree. If “get beyond” means that we are going to ignore the inequities based on the physical characteristics of some, then I cannot get onboard.

I cannot understand why some white people get so “butt hurt” when they are generalized as being racist. While you continue to call it out, it should make you somewhat more understanding of how it feels to have that done to you based on your phenotype and ancestral background.

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