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Unleashing the cumulative power of crowdfunding

Screenshot of Peak Design Kickstarter page
Screenshot of Peak Design Kickstarter page
Screenshot of Peak Design Kickstarter page taken by Geraint Clarke

The same team that made over $12 million in 58 days with a tripod just made almost $1 million in two days — this time, with cell phone accessories.

I got the email at 3:11 p.m. on Monday saying “just launched.” By the time I showed my friends at 7 p.m., Peak Design’s latest Kickstarter had raised over $400,000.

Today, as I write this, not even 48 hours in, they’ve successfully raised $867,641 with a phone case. So how did they do it?

First, Best, or Cheapest

When launching a product, you often have to ask, is it the first of its kind, the cheapest alternative for price-conscious buyers, or the best iteration of this item possible? …

3 practical ways to correctly leverage election uncertainty

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Photo by visuals on Unsplash

There’s a simple rule for business. That is “don’t mention politics or religion if you don’t want to alienate half of your customer base”.

Those subjects are nuanced, subjective and open to misinterpretation. You’ll never satiate everyone’s expectations.

How then, do you stay topical in your marketing without mentioning the biggest topic of the year; the 2020 US election?

Now you may be forgiven for believing that COVID-19 is the biggest story of the year, but US politics said ‘Nah’ and stole that trophy too. Turning protections, closures, stimulus and health into a war of two sides. Left vs right.

As a marketer, you need a lifeline. …

Using a pre-school level example

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Photo by Natalie Grainger on Unsplash

You have 10 apples. Dan has 4, so you sign a contract to give Dan 3 apples in exchange for a hug — because you’re kind. Now you both have 7, but 2 days later Dan goes on to sell his apples for $70,000.

  • Does he now owe you $30,000?
  • Were you wronged?
  • Or did you undervalue your product and give it away at a price you’re no longer happy with, now that it’s worth more?

Those apples could have equally become worthless, rotting apples.

This preschool-friendly example explains the ludicrous concept of renegotiating an active contract based on the success of the resulting product. …

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