(And she is coming for him.)

Do you want to see Trump be cross-examined?

(For the purpose of impact, the title of this article overstates a fact that may be close to nonexistent. Donald Trump does not know enough to know what he fears or why. Is an all-consuming amoeba afraid? Does a plague of locusts feel trepidation? The malevolent id that is Trump only confronts what is in front of it, and then only knows it wants to destroy, acquire, or molest that thing. It can hardly know what to fear. Still, Trump has the juvenile instinct to sense when he might be confronting something that could destroy him first. He likely understands this from the myrmidons who surround him. And they could not be any clearer as to what they see as Trump’s bette noir.)

One need only remember Rudy Giuliani, Lindsey Graham, Kellyanne Conway, and the other prevaricators as they caterwauled about Trump being caught in a “perjury trap,” if he were to have been questioned by Special Counsel Mueller’s attorneys. Ask anyone of us what we did last year, and we are all unlikely to be trapped in perjury because we cannot not lie as easily as Trump does when he opens his mouth to speak. Even William Barr, himself the semblance of an attorney, balked at being questioned by the House Judiciary Committee lawyers because he knows they are trained to listen to his answers, then double back on them and root out the lies. The grumpy obfuscation with which Barr answers Congressmen, and the breezy improvisation with which Trump vomits to the media, would be laid bare by skilled cross-examination.

None of the lying hypocrites who work for Trump ever want him to be questioned by a lawyer, particularly a prosecutor, one who will force him to reiterate the essentials of his lies down to their starkest and vilest elements. A lot of barking has been done about Joe Biden’s electability, which has merely been the appearance of electability, based on the facts he is not as unknown as most of the other candidates, and that he is not Bernie Sanders. Kamala Harris put Biden on the ropes with her opening statement to him in the 6/27/19 debate, but she drew blood with her follow-up questions. And she was the only Senator do to the same with William Barr, simply because her legal training is to bear in on the crux of the matter, and not hurry down the list of unrelated questions.

Kamala Harris is the most electable Democrat for the simple reason that she will be for Trump the equivalent of the attorney questioners of the Special Counsel’s Office, and she will be doing her meticulous dissection of Trump on the national stage. Biden is a maundering, benevolent, sort of Trump-light. Donald, the idmaniac, is the full-on turkey dinner, one that former prosecutor Harris will carve with relish. Take Trump’s claim that he did not rape a woman because she is not his type. The leading question would be could his type be best indicated by the three women he married. He could not demur. And the closer would be, “like your first wife, the one who swore in a court filing that you raped her?” If you have ever seen a video of a Trump deposition, you can easily imagine the problems posed by his doltish narcissism in confronting pointed questions. In fact, all she would have to do is ask him to read something, anything.

Democrats are frustrated by Mueller’s elaborate struggling to be above politics, and therefor acceding to the Trump/Barr political thrusts. Forget the boy scout Special Counsel. The answer is the brilliant prosecutor from Oakland, California. She may even be smarter than Mueller. She certainly is not going to pretend she is above politics. She is the political prosecutor that Democrats had hoped Mueller would be, and to the tenth power.

Another interesting fact is that anyone who has faced a prosecuting attorney does not consider whether that lawyer is a man or a woman. Such a warrior is beyond gender in an important sense. Fear, respect, and worry do not see gender, and they are what a prosecutor inspires. It will be hard for the right to successfully heap misogynist calumnies upon Kamala Harris, while she is besting the beast in battle. And Harris is a woman, which would immunize the Democratic ticket from the gains Trump could make by replacing Pence with Nikki Haley. Harris brings the strength of a woman to the game and her prosecutor’s demeanor erases much of the prejudice. Harris is even of South Asian descent, as is Haley. And on the top of the ticket she could also turn around the one ethnic group, Americans of Indian descent, that voted in the majority for Trump. Kamala Harris is practically the one candidate that seems to be from an engineer’s drawing of the perfect Trump opponent.

If you have long wanted to see Trump cross-examined on the witness stand, it will finally happen if Kamala Harris is the Democratic nominee for President.

This is not to mention that the Rachel Bitecofer data model (the only one to predict the outcome of the 2018 mid-terms) shows that the appearance of a woman of color on the ticket would drive turnout to all-time highs among Democrats, and Independent and Republican women voting Democratic.

Cory Booker is probably wishing that Donny Trump, Jr. had claimed Booker was not really black, rather than make that racist claim against Kamala Harris, because nothing is as likely to galvanize African American support for Harris. Americans of color know that the racists do not see beyond skin. Junior may have just made Senator Harris the next Barack Obama. We should not see her in that way, not exactly. She is tougher and smarter than Obama is. She is a prosecuting attorney.

(Gerald Weaver is the author of the novel, The First First Gentleman, London Wall Publishing. It is among other things a sly tribute to almost all the novels of Charles Dickens, and the story of the first woman President. His well-received first novel, Gospel Prism, was published in May 2015. Each of its twelve chapters paraphrases a great work, by Cervantes, Montaigne, Shakespeare, etc. Harold Bloom said it was “remarkable” and “charming but disturbing.”)

Buy them here: https://www.amazon.com/Gerald-Weaver/s?page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3AGerald%20Weaver

Gerald Weaver is the author of two novels, The First First Gentleman, & his acclaimed first novel, Gospel Prism.

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