My journey so far to join the Andela family — day 2

……….And the journey continues.

I have but one question to ask, how many of you know what command line application and HTTP client library are? Even though am conversant with APIs (Google’s API mostly), writing a program that incorporates the above mentioned was daunting.

I began with learning what they are about. I got to learn from Andi Smith and Co on using the console down to command line API ( and also from other sites about HTTP request, its installation and methods. It all began to make sense when I familiarized myself with things like npm commander, readline and http. Seeing an example like a Geographical Map location with the syntax and prompts of a command line API app, helped me to visualize the learning process. My main breakthrough came when I found the sites swapi and starwars/databank, then a simple application became manifest that star wars enthusiast will enjoy.