Move Over Game of Thrones

The Hottest Series To Watch Right Now Is Chernobyl

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Chernobyl. HBO Miniseries.

Enter Chernobyl: Worst Nuclear Disaster in Human History

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Reactor Four at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

Fear. Lies. Misinformation.

There is no beating around the bush with this mini series, created by Craig Mazin and directed by Johan Renck, and right away they establish that a nuclear reactor has exploded and is releasing unimaginable amounts of lethal radiation.

Did that really happen?

Three Million Billion Trillion Bullets

“Chernobyl” is a monumental docudrama based on facts and real people masterfully interwoven together into a compelling story that will leave you on the edge, starving for more. The acting is flawless, and coupled with the set designs and superb attention to detail, presents a rawness that also captures the Soviet soul. It begins with a bang and delivers a tour de force of suspense and drama.

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