HTTPS (& TCP over TLS) for everyone!

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There are hundreds of reasons why I love being a developer (besides memories of sleepless nights trying to fix a video game that nobody except myself would ever play).

Being a developer gives you superpowers — you can solve any kind of problems. Yes, especially if they don’t involve real-life practical situations.

But these superpowers are sometimes hindered by tedious configuration work that expects you to master yet another arcane language assembled with heaps of words you’ve never seen before. Such a barrier can be encountered when dealing with HTTPS and its certificates.

Luckily for us, Traefik tends to lower this kind of hurdle and makes sure that there are easy ways of securely connecting your developments to the outside world. …


Gérald Croës

Tech Enthusiast, Software Architect, Chief Enterprise Architect, CTO, Developer…pick your favorite.

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