Playboost Review- Make animated thumbnails.

Geralrd Earl
Apr 7 · 2 min read

Autoplay is pretty much dead. What should you do in this case, as a video marketer? Well, today we will talk about a solution for the autoplay apocalyse, named Playboost.

Read more about Play Boost here.

Chrome decided to prevent autoplaying videos.Then YouTube decided to limit the embed options.

This meant that if you may not know what you are doing, you could have other folk’s videos appearing as recommended by the end of yours.

All the aforementioned may have a detrimental effect.

Anyhow, if you embed a movie on your internet site, you need to have the ability to captivate viewers, and make your thumbnails stand out in order that they are clicked on.

Playboost, by Brad Stephens and Mario Brown allows you to apply captivating animated thumbnails over videos which are auto paused but call viewers to action to click and watch.

All you could do is take your video URL, paste it into the program, then have the code supplied and put it on your page. Drag & drop simple.

This works for YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Amazon s3 and Vidello videos.

You need to use their WordPress plugin, or make use of a page builder such as Clickfunnels

Playboost is mobile friendly.

Read more about Play Boost here.

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