Ash Wednesday worthiness

It’s not just about your imperfectness

Mar 7 · 1 min read

Ash Wednesday isn’t just a day to smear you in ashes to remind you that you’re imperfect and that you fail sometimes. It’s also a day to remind yourself that God sees the good stuff, the little stuff you do for others, for your family, for your friends, for strangers. God wants you to dust off the ashes (even the ashes other people throw on you), the ashes of your imperfect self, and realize that under the ash, you’re still worthy of dignity, worthy of pride, worthy of respect, worthy of endless mercy. You are worthy.

Gerald Farinas

Written by

Former journalist, LGBT news editor and publisher, now Alzheimer’s and dementia educator, social services director. Edgewater Beach resident. Former Honoluluan.

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