I celebrate ‘that’ America

Thoughts on an Independence Day

Gerald Farinas
Jul 4 · 1 min read

Photo: U.S. Marine Corps.

I celebrate ‘an’ America that has a framework that makes possible survival of bad leadership and even erosion of civil liberties — if its people are willing to take the arms provided by the Constitution and defend the Declaration principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I celebrate ‘an’ America that can make louder the chorus of dissent against oppressive institutions and the persons who perpetuate them, by using the freedom of press to punctuate the necessity of change and change agents, by marching, by persuading those on the sidelines to move and act.

I celebrate ‘an’ America that is still willing to stand for a true conservatism, or rather true conservation, of the Constitution and Declaration principles — by embracing the diversity of its peoples, propelling all of them forward, picking them up off the ground, out of shackles, out of cages, out from behind bars, fences, and walls, and leaving none behind toward the promise of what we each determine as our own American Dream.

Though endangered, this America still exists. I celebrate ‘that’ America.

Gerald Farinas

Written by

Former journalist, LGBT news editor and publisher, now Alzheimer’s and dementia educator, social services director. Edgewater Beach resident. Former Honoluluan.

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