I mentioned Bob Daiber and the Biss, Kennedy, Pritzker Democrats piled on

Democrats are so passionate once they’ve chosen their guy

Gerald Farinas
Jan 27, 2018 · 2 min read
Democrats Jonathan Todd and Bob Daiber are running for lieutenant governor and governor of Illinois. Photo: Twitter/BobDaiber.

Chicago politics has and will always be extremely cutthroat. It’s Chicago that gave us Big Bill Thompson, the mayor that debated two rats named after his leading dissenters, and the “pineapple primaries” where voting places just happened to blow up for some reason — grenades look like little green pineapples.

So it didn’t surprise me that with one Facebook post and a single tweet that I was merely “considering” a vote for and wanting to “learn more” about Bob Daiber for Illinois governor, I would quickly get barraged with impassioned messages about how awful such a choice would be.

And of course, being quite the liberal myself, I got jumped by my more progressive Democratic friends.

“He ‘aint a real Democrat.”

He is.

“He owns a damned gun. He’s one of them gun nuts!”

He is from downstate Illinois. They own guns.

“He’s weak on transgender rights.”

“He’s weak on choice.”

“Daniel Biss is the only sane choice here, Gerald!”

Twitter acquaintances call me Gerald.

I said that Daniel Biss, whom I really like, looked completely unprepared to be governor during the WMAQ Democratic candidates forum. I was told that shouldn’t matter.

Well, it does.

If your agenda is good but you can’t present it, can’t argue it with your legislature and your critics, can’t stand on a dais looking like you actually own your agenda, that makes a difference.

I don’t just want the agenda. I want the effect. And if I want the effect, I need to look at my other choices, too.

And it just so happens, Bob Daiber looked like he owned his agenda.

Now, by no means have I made a decision in this race. I’ve got until March. Let me explore without having y’all tear me into pieces.

Gerald Farinas

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Former journalist, LGBT news editor and publisher, now Alzheimer’s and dementia educator, social services director. Edgewater Beach resident. Former Honoluluan.

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