The Bar Brothers Calisthenics Movement

Bar Brothers is an international fitness movement that uses calisthenics workouts or street workouts as their exercise method. They describe themselves as one big worldwide movement of brothers and sisters helping each other to become the best that they can be. They see working out as not only for getting fit and healthy physically but also helps shape your mind in positive ways. Bar Brothers groups in different countries usually post workout videos online that are often designed to be motivational or tutorial. The movement has representative groups in most major countries in the world including countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Persons who are interested in representing Bar Brothers in their country must meet certain requirements. One requirement is to be able to perform a specific calisthenics workout properly. Secondly, they require representatives to uphold a certain mindset of optimistic thinking.

The Original Bar Brothers History

Bar Brothers was founded by two friends Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic in the United States. They met while they were in college through a mutual friend. Dusan was the one who was first into street workout and he introduced Lazar to the sport. “He trained me and I introduced him into my motivational aspects” said Dusan. “We combined the two and that’s how we came up with Bar Brothers motivational workout videos. Since then we have gained a lot of support and couldn’t be more blessed”.

The two used calisthenics to transform their body from skinny and out of shape to ripped and muscular. And many people who have followed their advice and training transformed their body as well using only bodyweight exercises.

When asked if they had envisioned Bar Brothers turning into a worldwide movement they said they definitely saw it from the beginning. They had planned on taking it very far and many people believe in the vision too.

The Bar Brothers Company

Besides being a fitness movement, Bar Brothers is also a company run by Lazar and Dusan that sells physical and digital products. The company offers fitness gear, clothing and programs. Their products include t-shirts, hoodies, pants, tank tops and workout gloves. Their commercial fitness programs include the well-known 12 week calisthenics program called Bar Brothers — The System. According to them, anyone can use this 12 week calisthenics program to not just transform their body, but also their mind.

Training Approach

Bar Brothers training is based on progressive calisthenics workouts centered around the pull up bar. They have inspired people who are part of the movement to commit to the same training approach. Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic have been able to make crazy strength gains and build ripped physiques without using weight training.

Progression is the key to building strength and muscle with bodyweight training. You have to constantly challenge your muscle with tougher workload so that they can get stronger. This is harder to achieve with bodyweight training than with lifting weights. But the Bar Brothers team have mastered bodyweight progression so that they are always making new gains. “We constantly make our workouts more challenging, and we worked on the moves at least 2 times a week. All it takes is will power and the passion to accomplish the move” they said.


Lazar and Djolevic have talked about how calisthenics has truly changed their life other than it getting them stronger and more ripped physically. They said it has done good for them mentally.

According to them the type of training they do pushes your body to new levels. Therefore your mind is challenged and forces you to focus in on your regimen even more. “The level of focus needed to perform some of these moves is ridiculous. It takes weeks of training and dedication. This builds the blocks to your fundamentals that can be carried on to any aspects in your life”.

The team use lots of motivation videos, memes and audios to help participants in the Bar Brothers movement and customers of their fitness programs think positively. In fact, one of the requirement to be a Bar Brother or Bar Sister is being optimistic. The requirement section on their website reads: “Being part of the Bar Brothers movement means that you carry yourself as an optimist and you help those around you”. The movement aims to help participants be the best they can be by following principles of hard work, consistency, perseverance, making no excuses, and never giving up.

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