Finding materials for your UX workshop toolkit

A world of materials for UX workshop facilitation


Facilitating exercises (empathy maps, user journeys, card sorts, etc.) can be an essential part of a good design practice. Getting people in a room to ideate, sketch, and evolve ideas provides transparency to the design process and allows an easy way for people from a variety of backgrounds to get involved in solutioning.

The wise facilitator will come prepared across a variety of sessions if they create a useful toolkit of materials to help these exercises run smoothly. Below, a list of such materials for your own UX facilitation toolkit, one we continue to try to evolve.

Please add feedback in the comments if anything is missing or if you find a better product!

Usable materials

Materials you will use up as you facilitate your sessions.

Fixed materials

The nuts and bolts stuff you’ll buy up front.

  • Tape dispenser for hanging stuff
  • Kitchen timer for keeping people on time
  • Pencil box for holding the little things
  • Tackle box for holding all the things
  • Play dough for creative fun time

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