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Following on my post which gathers what I consider being Silicon Valley best practices and advice to deal with this crisis, I think the situation can be summarized with 3Ts: Tackle, Transition, Transform


What everyone has been doing for the past ten+ weeks: understand the situation, adapt to it and literally, “make determined efforts to deal with” the covid tsunami on everyone’s business. Yet, Startups need some luck to be on the “right side” of the barrier. #cashisking #survivalmode


As we slowly see a come back to reopening businesses around the world, companies have to design their businesses to adapt…

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The future is more cloudy than clear. We can’t see more than 10 feet in front of us. What we are living right now is probably a defining moment for an entire generation.

I always prefer to see the glass as half full rather than half empty as entrepreneurs have the ability to rapidly adapt, being smart, and agile to innovate.

So I’m sharing here my notes & thoughts for early-stage startups gathered from great resources I encourage you to read, listen, watch (links at the bottom). …

Ma preface “Les Metiers du Futur” Isabelle Rouhan

“Que veux-tu faire quand tu seras grand(e)?” une question que nous posons tous à nos enfants. En général la réponse est magique. Les enfants pensent en grand, il n’y a pas de barrage dans leur tête ! Mais nous devons nous attendre à de nouvelles réponses qui vont nous sortir de notre zone de confort. Avez-vous déjà pensé que votre enfant puisse vous répondre qu’il rêve d’être pilote…mais pour les trajets sur Mars ou peut-être, cultiver de la viande en laboratoire pour sauver le monde du réchauffement planétaire ?

Les Metiers du Futur — Isabelle Rouhan

Nous ne nous…

The men say, ‘We try to find women, but there is no pool to choose from, and when we do find a woman who is qualified to sit on the board, she says that it takes too much of her time and that she wouldn’t be good at it.’ I think men don’t even ask the question” Fleur Pellerin

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Step It Up excerpt

In 2016, the former French government minister Fleur Pellerin founded Korelya Capital, an investment fund aimed at promoting Korean technology investment in France. When she put together her team, she received five times more resumés from men…

“Set objectives, but do not calculate. Remain curious and open to opportunities, you do not know where life will lead you.” Frederique Dame

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Step It Up excerpt

The first piece of advice that Frederique Dame would give to a woman who wanted to launch out on their own is “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” It is better to reason your way through your fears than to live with the regret of not having done something you held close to your heart. When you feel fear, rather than asking, “What am I going to do?” with the risk of getting discouraged by…

“Women, in general, are too aware of their weaknesses and not enough of their strengths” Maelle Gavet

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Step It Up excerpt

Maelle Gavet mentors several young women within Compass and outside of the company because she is worried. She finds it extremely frustrating that there are brilliant women who never manage to reach the top of their dreams (whatever the target, which doesn’t have to be CEO). She advises the women she coaches to always raise their hand, whether to ask questions (no need to make excuses when you do), when someone is looking for a volunteer for a project…

How French women hack work-life balance

The past few years have shown me how important it is to share our experiences as women in business. I wanted to do so not just on a one on one conversation basis, so I wrote this book. First, I published it in French last October, but I became frustrated to not be able to share it with all of you in English, until today! I am proud to announce the publication of “Step it up How French women hack work-life balance.”

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What does it mean to be a female entrepreneur?

While tech startups are always in the spotlight, there is so much more lying under the surface. Entrepreneurship…

Je suis fière de vous annoncer la parution de mon livre aujourd’hui.

J’avais à coeur de pouvoir partager authentiquement nos expériences et ce projet est devenu une réalité grâce à la contribution de fantastiques “Business Women” ( j’aime le côté vintage de cette expression…) qui ont accepté de partager avec beaucoup de générosité et de transparence leurs parcours. Merci encore à toutes de m’avoir fait confiance, sans vous ce livre n’aurait pas vu le jour.

A mes côtés donc, 30 femmes extraordinaires chacune à leur manière, qui livrent le secret de leur réussite, confient les obstacles qu’elles ont rencontrés et…

Hier, à l’occasion de la conférence JFD j’ai eu la chance d’intervenir avec Clémentine Piazza qui a créé InMenori sur le thème #THINK. Nous avons évoqué 4 piliers pour “penser comme un entrepreneur”.

Entrepreneur…Ils ne s’agit pas de fantasmer, celles et ceux qui se lancent comprennent que la voie est difficile et compliquée, c’est l’attaque par la face nord. Il faut avoir beaucoup de courage, de passion, de valeurs et parfois savoir prendre du recul.

Ce “Think Different” (merci Steve Jobs) réside dans 4 points clés:

1. Résoudre un vrai problème

La perfection est presque votre ennemi. Il faut savoir…

Social Media Pressure

“The pressure to look a certain way on social media can do much more than distort our image of the musicians other people actually listen to.”

This is obviously true.

What we see, what we genuinely share is a cropped picture of life. It is not a Facebook phenomena. I believe it’s tied to our new patterns and behaviors in consuming and sharing private or public information.

Even sometimes, when you decide not to share, protect some intimacy for what you care about, you need to be prepared to get unexpected reactions around you. There you feel…

Geraldine Le Meur

Entrepreneur | Investor | Board Member |Founding Partner The Refiners | San Francisco

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