TED 2015 my memo & quick notes…

TED is every year an amazing intellectual journey, which unlocks for me curiosity in fields I would not normally explore…

We don’t miss what we don’t know. We need to use our brain for what it is good at : extracting signals. It does not care from where the data is coming from so there is a huge opportunity in designing new peripheral science for sensory substitution. I can see with my tong, I can feel sounds instead of hearing it. The human umwelt is being unlocked. — David Eagleman

Ignorance is not linked to vision. The mind can form images to see through blindness and then using the amazing sonar effect technique the vision is all about sounds — Daniel Kish

“We need to fix that bug: the driver” — Chris Urmson (Google, Self Driving cars)

What if we see medecine as growing something versus killing something? Can our medecine be a cell rather than a pill, an environment…Sid Murkerjee

80% of antibiotics sold in the US are for animals. We are at the verge of a post antibiotic era because of antibiotics resistance. We can change this, it’s all about our behaviour towards prescriptions. — Maryn McKenna

Human brain is trained for habituation. Things that bother us we transform them in habits so that the don't bother anymore. But creativity is about solving small problem and focussing on little details — Tony Fadell

We are not ready for the next epidemic. The ebola epidemic was a wake up call. We need to build a global alert and response system — Bill Gates

It is acceptable to bring access to clean water closer to a village in Africa so that girls have less risk to be raped on their way to get water, would we consider doing the in the US, or would we increase security instead? Everyday violence is a main cause to poverty. If we want to make a real difference in global poverty we need give poor people access to the protection of the law- Gary Haugen

17 years ago I was patient zero of losing immediately worldwide my reputation. I was branded everything but a woman. The digital revolution created a culture of humiliation and a marketplace where shame is an industry. Monica Lewinsky