TED2016: DREAM-My Memo & quick notes

I haven’t dreamed much this week may be I’m too grounded in the present. May be boosted by the adrenaline of launching a new project. I’m back to this hum Shonda Rhimes so genuinely shared in her talk. [Disclosure: yes I find hum in my work, as I already know my boys, my family, are the most important in my life. Never, ever, the other way around]

I’ve never pictured myself as the a 3D printer, the most sophisticated one, the most powerful information assembler we can imagine, thank-you Riccardo Sabatini for this upgrade!

To be original you don’t have to be the first you just have to be better, I can’t agree more with Adam Grant. [Note to self: I’m definitely a “precrastinator” for better or for worse…]

Not sure I will move from trusting my gut feelings which drive many of my decisions to maths calculations but, Cedric Vilani, I get the point maths allow us to go beyond intuition.

Let’s just apply Noah Zandan recommendation to speak like a visionary:
(1) focus on present in your speech, (2) use clear and simple langage, (3) let your audience experience the vision. Apparently, if you do that you can inspire everyone.

Reshma Saujani states that we are raising our girls to be perfect and our boys to be brave. I don’t think girls aren’t brave on the contrary. Girls have so much more responsibilities in this society than boys in general (3D printing…guess what they already code!). We do need to give our girls the opportunity, not to be perfect just, to dare. What Reshma is doing is fantastic; but empowering our girls to embrace their dreams goes far beyond. I truly believe that our responsibility is also to teach our boys that life is a team & collaboration play not a gender competition.

Al Gore incredible energy finally give us hope that, for the first time in 10 years, climate change is an issue we can tackle, that we can make a change for real, it’s not dream anymore. We can step away from the nightmare. “Impossible isn’t a fact; it’s an attitude” Christiana Figueres

Bottom line, no dream, but so much optimism, hope and energy injected in the system that we can definitely make the difference. As Astro Teller says great dreams are visions completed with strategy to make them reality.

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