It has always been a dream of me to start a band since music has always play a pivotal role in my life.Coming from a family where at least one of us could sing and play a music instrument,it was only till time and it’s cosmic powers allow my cousins and I to produce HRP UNPLUGGED.

Of course the most important catalyst in this reaction was our elder cousin sister who forced us to perform at her wedding and since then we decided to create a Youtube channel. The songs that we perform are mainly Tamil since my cousins and I are huge fans of Tamil films and are always awe-inspired by the music they offer. We did attempted on a a mashup of Rihanna’s Work and still hope to progress in the mashups.

I am thankful enough to be a part of this band and what more could I ask for than working with two of my most favourite people in the world.It’s interesting to see how our jarring differences are able to connect us all and definitely strengthen the bonds.

Never in my wildest dream had I ever envisioned on starring in music videos,recording in studios,getting a thumbs up from Rabbit Mac(Indian Jay Z of Malaysia) and even cringing when I embarrassed my ownself singing the first time in front of this extremely cute senpai who happens to be a friend of my cousin.

All in all, I really do hope that my cousins and I would continue making more music as HRP Unplugged till we get old and saggy. I can now finally equate the similarity with my all time crush;Ryan Gosling who also has a band which helped him get through his breakup with Rachel Mccadams. I really can’t wait to get my ass back to KL in November to pull the all nighters synchronizing and improvising songs to cover.

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