Marking the third month of being in UNIMAS as a Pre- university student in life and science in Samarahan. I would probably say that I’ve assimilated well, well enough to adapt to my routine and somehow still struggling to adjust to changes in routines. College life is certainly a different ball game but like all ball games you get involved in, you got to learn the rules and succeed it.

It was definitely hard at first since I’ve spent half of my life being babied around by my parents and their Indonesian maids where I need not worry on almost everything so when I got here, the struggle was for real. I do my own laundry, fold my clothes,clean my dorm,change the sheets,buy my own food and the most crucial part was to withdraw money from the ATM. My lack of independence postulated when I forgotten my own ATM card pin number. Not only that, since I have my room all to myself as I am roommate-less, it is pretty tough as my solace of alarm is my phone. If so happens that I ignore my alarm,I’d miss class and face a hefty price.

Not to mention that the competition here is super tough and the exams are likewise. If you think you’re the only one who has learned the syllabus in advance,think again.To be frank, it ain’t easy to get back to the momentum of studying since I’ve been on a 6 months hiatus away from the books. I’ve been studying harder than I usually do and certainly did felt the cramps and aches of sleep deprivation. Competitions and studies aside, I did made friends. I certainly did made a lot of new friends and I can tell you they are keepers.

From forging friendships in Chemistry Labs to sitting in our super small DKA1 due to the air conditioner malfunction in the lecture hall and how budget restrictions impede the repair.They are all loving. Including the girls a few doors away from me who would always check up on me since I am roommate-less and are kind enough to sleep with me when the whole Samarahan suffered a major power loss for 3 hours in the wee hours of the morning. I don’t know why these friends are so nice to me and I’m a lucky sport of that.

Amidst the cold showers, mundane food and copious condescending stress, for once in my 18 years of living ; I certainly felt like this is where I’m supposed to be right now. I still do miss home but I’m lucky enough to be half Kuchingite. The wonderful feeling of weekends where I could have my weekend Cosmos burgers and kiss Neymar(my cat;) as much as I want. I hope to succeed this time around and to create more meaningful memories.To the next 7 months remaining in the East Campus.