Knowing More And Understanding Less

Lynch takes a deep philosophical dive into the complex implications of modern technology on both us as individuals and society (in general) in his latest literary achievement The Internet Of Us.

Michael P. Lynch

With far-reaching implications, the Book’s argument charts a path from Plato’s cave to Shannon’s mathematical theory of information to Google Glass, illustrating that technology itself isn’t the problem, nor is it the solution. Instead, it will be the way in which we adapt our minds to these new tools that will ultimately decide whether or not the Internet of Things — all those gadgets on our wrists, in our pockets and on our laps — will be a net gain for humanity. Along the way, Lynch uses a philosopher’s lens to examine some of the most urgent issues facing digital life today, including how social media is revolutionizing the way we think about privacy; why a greater reliance on Wikipedia and Google doesn’t necessarily make knowledge “more democratic”; and the perils of using “big data” alone to predict cultural trends. The Internet Of Us is one of the most interesting and insightful nonfiction books of 2016.

  • Author: Michael P. Lynch
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Length: 256
  • Media: Book
  • Published: 2016
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