AlphaCamp Week 1 Reflections

  • First week of Alpha Camp was quite an eye-opener and information overload period for me. Despite having experience in the IT industry, I was rather impress and little overwhelmed with the amount of new information which was fed in the beginning.
  • Besides the rigorous classroom activities, it was also good to actually give us the opportunity to gain exposure on real world IT Trends at Innovest.
  • At the last day of the first week, we manage to complete all 8 programming assignments. Fortunately, through collaboration with fellow classmates. We were able to solve the solutions faster and the learning journey was a more enjoyable one.


  • Felt quite tired after the end of the first week, as it felt like my brain had a hard and long workout due to information overloads and working through coding assignments. Despite the tiredness, i know that this journey is going to be a fruitful and its good to see that everyone in the class has a healthy motivation and attitudes to further improve themselves.


  • What did you learn:
  • The ability to identify and break problems down to its simplest form and later formulate a solution is a critical skillset to have for the future. Technology is an just enabler and medium that will further enhance our capabilities and efficiency to solve challenging problems.
  • After periods of intense focus, some relaxation required to allow us to grow our knowledge and surprisingly solutions tend to come to me naturally while i kept my mind off work.
  • Reflection:
  • How can i further improve my computational thinking and also reduce the time taken to formulate an algorithms.
  • Are algorithms the foundations for Artificial intelligence?
  • Questions and problems:
  • What is the difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence?
  • I’m able to solve problems but sometimes find it hard to articulate it to fellow students.
  • I sometimes face a deadlock or the in-ability to further solve a problem which at times may frustrate me.


  • Read up more on front end web development and also complete my own research on linux AWS configuration