Mozilla Brasil 2016

Mozilla Brazil Community Gathering 2016

28 and 29 May 2016 were special for Mozilla Brazil Community happened Mozilla Brazil Community Gathering 2016 organized by Mozilla for the purpose of improve the health of the community, establish empathy between members, solve problems and conflicts and align the community about the campaigns and Mozilla development projects.

#First day — Empathy and conflict resolution

The first day of the meeting was possible to know most of the community members, considered active members, there were members who did not contribute for some time, but it was the opportunity to understand the inactivity, clear engagement problems and give opportunity to continue contributing the community.

Ruben Martin and Guillermo Movia developed throughout the day activities and dynamics of Personal Leadership that allowed volunteers to know more about yourself, your personality and opportunities for all members know, I also learned that there is a large diversity of personalities in the community, this may explain conflicts and communication problems among members for a long time. It was the opportunity to learn to identify problems, ways to recognize failures and successes, and the path to the search for improvement..

#Second day — Work Work and work…

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to community problems and functional teams in its first phase we learn a little of the concept of prototyping with a dynamic build paper airplane thinking on the plane that flies farther.

After the dynamic prototyping started working identifying process problems in the community, creating working groups to think of solutions and ways of implementation. We learned to work with OKR, RASCI, layout GitHub Mozilla Brazil for follow-up troubleshooting tasks and forms of assessment results. Ruben also talked to the community about good community development practices addressed in the Community Playbook that can be taken to help the community grow.

There are still opportunities to gather groups to discuss open issues on Mozilla’s activities in Brazil, Lightning Talks, Mozilla Reps, Connected Devices, Take Back The Web, Test Pilot and Mozilla in Hackerspaces.


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