My Mozilla Volunteer 2016 Report

This is my small report of activities, campaigns and programs that I got involved in throughout the Mozilla community in the last year!

I’m describing a summary of all the actions and adding some links to my blog posts that have all the history of my involvement in all activities at Mozilla.

I am hopeful that this report will inspire you to keep your contribution or join today to our Mozilla community.

#1 Join at Mozilla Reps program

In March I joined Mozilla Reps, after 2 months that I applied to the program, for me it was fast, was my second applied to the program and was approved to join.

I have organized/participated in more than 30+ events as a representative of Mozilla, plus dozens of meetings and training with various projects involved.

Working with the entire Reps Community is a great learning environment, read more about my first experiences with the program at “I became a Mozilla Rep! But what has changed?”.

And I was Rep of the Month in October, beyond recognition, I got a Firefox sweater and my Reps Welcome Pack.

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Mozilla Reps Welcome Pack

Mozilla Reps Welcome Pack, I loved this pack!!! ????[/caption]

#2 Open Internet Leader at Mozilla StoryEngine

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Geraldo Barros as Open Internet Leader at Mozilla Story Engine[/caption]

The Mozilla Foundation is creating a better way to gather feedback and accelerate learning. We’re calling it StoryEngine. Designed to systematically collect, analyze, and leverage the stories emerging from our networks, StoryEngine will help support open Internet leaders and advocates, demonstrate the impact of our work, and act on opportunities and challenges.

My story is published at Geraldo Barros — Story Engine.

#3 Captain at Leão Mozilla Clubs, my favorite Mozilla Club!

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Leão Mozilla Clubs 2016 Team Work

Leão Mozilla Clubs 2016 Team Work[/caption]

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Leão Mozilla Clubs 2016 Team Work

Leão Mozilla Clubs 2016 Team Work[/caption]

My work at Leão Mozilla Clubs as captain continue, by the second year of the success at Padre Leão Vallerié School in Campinas, Brazil.

Last year we kept content on web development and we introduced Arduino content, in addition to participating in other curriculum tests created by Chad, I can say was that it was a great year.

At school we have some problems with the Internet and computers, we are limited to few tools and low quality internet.

Oh, we’ve moved our blog to Medium, so now it’s under

#4 Take Back The Web Campaign

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Campus Campaign — Take Back The Web[/caption]

Take Back The Web was an incredible Mozilla worldwide campaign, organized last year the campaign involved communities and college students from around the world! The campaign was aimed at the development of open technologies, talks and actions related to security and privacy, focused on campus college students from around the world the campaign was organized by Mozilla.

The campaign had local support from college teams who developed activities on their campus, a network of local coaches ensured that local teams developed activities and gained training and mentoring.

My work in the campaign was to mentor and coach local 2 local team students of the Colombia and Venezuela. At the end of the campaign the Mozilla team received feedback and gained the experience with campus to organize the newest program, Mozilla Campus Clubs!

Read more about Mozilla on Campus at Reinventing Mozilla on Campus.

#5 Mozilla Brazil Community Gathering

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Mozilla Brazil Community Volunteers at Mozilla Community Gathering

Mozilla Brazil Community Volunteers at Mozilla Community Gathering[/caption]

28 and 29 May 2016 were special for Mozilla Brazil Community happened Mozilla Brazil Community Gathering 2016 organized by Mozilla for the purpose of improve the health of the community, establish empathy between members, solve problems and conflicts and align the community about the campaigns and Mozilla development projects.

Read more about Mozilla Brazil Community Gathering at Mozilla Brazil Community Gathering 2016 by Geraldo Barros.
Read more about community gatherings at Community Gatherings Overview by Francisco Picolini.

#6 Mozilla at FISL17 in Porto Alegre, Brazil

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Mozilla Brazil Community at FISL17

Mozilla Brazil Community at FISL17[/caption]

FISL17 was one of the editions of FISL that our community again participated in, it is a great event and one of the largest free software in Latin America.

Last year I organized community participation in FISL17 and many volunteers participated talking and developing activities in our break out room, our participation was focused on Mozilla’s support, developer network, diversity and other projects.

The most shocking results have been for the community support team, which has really consolidated and done incredible things to this day.

The participation of the community in the event was awesome, but it required a lot of work and previous organization to ensure an incredible event.

See event pictures on Flickr, the newest FISL Playbook V.1 and our event report.

#7 Mozilla at Tech Week UFMG in Bambui, Brazil

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Mozilla at Tech Week UFMG in Bambui, Brazil

Mozilla at Tech Week UFMG in Bambui, Brazil[/caption]

The Semana de Engenharia, Tecnologia e Computação is constituted as the main scientific event to promote, technological and cultural at IFMG — Campus Bambuí. It is a local action related to the National Week of Science and Technology, an initiative of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Federal Government, which has as main purpose to mobilize the population, especially children and young people around issues and science and technology activities.

And I’m talked about Web Compatibility, an open invitation to all developers, web users and browsers developers to join the web compatibility. Learn how to make the Web a more compatible place with all and for all and best of all a super fun way! Report issues and get help in solving compatibility issues on any website. The project is developed by volunteers around the world and supported by Mozilla in a global effort to make the Web better.

My participation in the event took a long trip to the interior of Minas Gerais state, but it was one of my best trips because I saw beautiful landscapes through flights, cars and buses.

The university campus is beautiful and big, the students took me to know the whole campus the first day, they were very nice and hospitable! Oh, I could not forget to tell you that I ate the best milk candy in the world and I received a pot of milk candy to take to my home made on campus, I really want to come back soon, thank you for all university team!

#8 Mozilla at Latinoware 2016 in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

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Geraldo Barros at Latinoware 2016 talking about WebVR

Geraldo Barros at Latinoware 2016 talking about WebVR[/caption]

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Geraldo Barros at Latinoware 2016 talking about WebVR

Geraldo Barros at Latinoware 2016 talking about WebVR[/caption]

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Mozilla at Latinoware 2016: Joao, Alcides, Eduardo, Rocio and Geraldo

Mozilla at Latinoware 2016: Joao, Alcides, Eduardo, Rocio and Geraldo[/caption]

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Geraldo Barros at Latinoware 2016 talking about Web Compatibility issues

Geraldo Barros at Latinoware 2016 talking about Web Compatibility issues[/caption]

Latinoware opens up space for discussion and reflection on the deployment of open source software in Latin America. The public consist among students, professionals and specialists from the area and also international celebrities and representatives from public and private agencies of different countries of Latin America. In the last edition, the event had 4.259 participants and 230 speakers in activities related the world of I.T. and free software.

And the last year I’m talked about WebVR and Web Compatibility Issues for all people, and participated of all activities at Mozilla break out room.

Latinoware is a big event, a very diverse and multilingual audience, is focused so that all the countries of latin america participate.

Mozilla participated in the event through many volunteers from the Mozilla Brasil and Paraguay communities, it was amazing to meet the Mozilla Paraguay team and their recent work with Firefox Aguaratata.

Read more about my talks at Crie uma web que funcione para todos #MozillaNaLatinoware and WebVR com A-Frame #MozillaNaLatinoware.

#9 Mozilla Festival 2016 at Ravensbourne, London, United Kingdom

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Mozilla Clubs at Mozilla Festival 2016

Mozilla Clubs at Mozilla Festival 2016[/caption]

I had the opportunity to attend the Mozilla Festival 2016, a world festival focusing on the opening movement of the Internet, happened year pass from 28 to 30 October at Ravensbourne College in London/UK.

The Mozilla Festival is a great event that deals with topics related to technology and the internet and subjects related to focus on debates, activities hand in hand and this year a series of lectures on topics relevant to the world of internet and technology.

I could spend hours writing about the festival, in general I can say that it is a big festival with the most diverse themes that connect the internet and technology (that is, everything), the festival is like a bomb of learning and knowledge, Is a space where you will learn a lot in a short time in an inclusive, participative and engaging way, every session had people excited and passionate about teaching and learning.

I met new technologies at the science fair, met lots of people and put my hand in the dough by learning to work hand in hand with many projects and sessions, as well as falling in love with the arts sessions.

Mozilla Festival is an important space for captains to learn new things, share experiences, meet new captains and participate in countless sessions that connect education, it’s time to learn new methodologies and best practices to develop in their clubs, exchange experience and Storytelling is very important with other captains to learn and know other distinct realities and the event provides this space for learning.

Read more about Mozilla Clubs at MozFest at Mozilla Clubs at Mozfest 2016 and about my personal experiences at Mozilla Festival: Clubes, Arte, Localização, Open Badges, Liderança e Internet.

#10 Mozilla Campus Clubs as Regional Coordinator

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Mozilla Campus Clubs

Mozilla Campus Clubs[/caption]

The Mozilla Campus Clubs are Mozilla Clubs that take place at a University or College — These clubs take advantage of the unique learning environments of Universities and Colleges to bring students with a passion for technology together to build and innovate on open source projects that build the open web.

And with a simple structure, Campus Clubs have important roles to mentoring club captains from universities, one of which is the Campus Clubs Regional Coordinator, I joined the program assuming this role after training.

Today I am working on the mentoring of 3 new captains who are doing a awesome work on their campus!

See all clubs and regional coordinator around the world at Mozilla Campus Clubs Connect.

#11 Maker Party Week Campinas 2016

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Geraldo Barros at Maker Party

Geraldo Barros at Maker Party[/caption]

And it all started at the Mozilla Festival, Mozilla’s annual event about the open Internet movement, read more about it, the event gave me many ideas and ways of working copyrighted in Brazil.

The Maker Party this last year is focused on the need for changes in copyright laws in Europe, but there are other ways to work a Maker Party in Brazil, since it is important to educate as people on copyright and open licenses.

When I started thinking about the strategy in which people were able to learn copyright in an engaging, intuitive and allied way to something that people definitely enjoy was the key to a successful activity.

We are all users, creators, consumers, educators, students and we are constantly creating new things: music, blog posts, essays, tweets, paintings and photos — yes, we are artists and great creators!

Learning about content licensing is openly important to enable the promotion of your work, co-creation and innovation.

Educators are important pieces to continue teaching this content in various community spaces, telecenters and schools, many of them today know the importance and how to license content with Creative Commons.

Brazil is a country that needs a new copyright law, it is not just Europe, the Internet challenges copyright systems all over the world, demanding updates in a structure that was forged and developed between the XVIII and XX centuries. Read more at Droitdu..

Read more about this Maker Party at Maker Party Week Campinas 2016: copyright, art and learning.

#12 Mozilla Support Brazil with Mozpizza Hackathon

Mozpizza was one of the most out-of-box events that the support team has hosted and perhaps the most out-of-the-box event of Mozilla every year.

The idea was simple, put everyone together on video to stay up all night and get engaged working on all open support platforms and kill all the to-do lists!

The goals were ambitious: 100% of everything!

  • 100% articles in knowledge base translated/reviewed.
  • 100% questions in support forum about Firefox answered.
  • 100% questions in support forum about Thunderbird answered.
  • 100% questions in Sprinklr answered.
  • 100% questions/comments in AoA answered.

Oh, all the volunteers got pizza to eat during the online marathon.

The result has been a sucess, read more about this initiative at MozPizza Hackathon — Support Brazil.

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who got involved in my work last year, a special thank you to the entire Mozilla community, the Reps program team and the Mozilla Leadership Network.

I would like to name everyone, but there are many, so if you worked with me on any task this year, a big thank you!