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I became a Mozilla Rep! But what has changed?

The Mozilla Reps program aims to empower and support volunteer Mozillians who want to become official representatives of Mozilla in their region/locale.

I’m part of the Mozilla community Brazil since 2012, and has made part of many functional teams, projects and campaigns and since March I joined the Mozilla representatives program.

Mozilla Reps has been an amazing opportunity, but very curious, I’ll tell you a little of my experiences. The aim is to inspire new volunteers in my community continue to grow as volunteers, developing new skills and being part of this awesome program!


Mentoring is one of the coolest parts of the process is where you will understand how the program works, resources, projects and structure of team participation.

It is a process which was conducted by my mentor, he guided me on all the program features, difficulties, answered my questions and gather constant feedback, he’s my main contact within the program.

As a community volunteer, we do not always have mentors and people to the continuous support in our actions within the representatives program all have mentors who are always available to help Reps develop their work in the best way and make them fulfill their goals.

Annual planning activities

As a community volunteer I always develops many activities, I participated in numerous projects and functional teams, but I never made a planning of annual activities.

Making an activity planning is very important, it allows you to develop campaigns in key months and organize your schedule with the program tasks, and community events.

It is a very positive point in the program, we have created planning activities and then run to hit all the goals! 🙂

Resources and Tools

Mozilla Reps also offers resources for representatives meet their goals and help the community with their activities.

As a representative we can request funds for our activities as budget and swag for our activities.

As a community volunteer I often needed resources for activities, but unfortunately even with so many representatives in Brazil I frustrated me because many representatives do not support the community and volunteer activities. 🙁

Currently it is important to expand the use of program resources in campaign activities such as Mozilla Activate and boost projects in the best way.

And what has changed?

  • New responsibilities! By joining the program I had new responsibilities and an important commitment to the local community.
  • Part of the program and become a representative made me be a better coach, I learned a lot from my mentor and shared much of my knowledge in my local community.
  • Access to program resources facilitated the logistics processes, I can connect the community to the resources of the program quickly because I am present in the meetings and activities of most functional teams of community.
  • I feel empowered of guiding the functional teams and the community, this is possible because I have connected me more times to share, this is a result of new responsibilities.

How to join the program?

The Mozilla Reps program is open to anyone 18 or older who is:

  • passionate about the Mozilla Project
  • knowledgeable of the Mozilla organization, its mission, its products and its community
  • willing to communicate to as many people as possible and keen to inspire people to contribute to Mozilla.

Although anyone can sign-up to become a Mozilla Rep, that doesn’t mean you automatically become a Mozilla Rep after submitting your application. Because Mozilla Reps are entrusted with new responsibilities and special tools to speak on Mozilla’s behalf, to manage budgets, events and swag, each application is carefully reviewed by the Mozilla Rep council and each applicant, if shortlisted, must pass a short interview before officially becoming a Mozilla Rep.

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Geraldo Barros 🙂