I see people complaining about 2014. Saying that year will already late, it was not good as it could have been. Worse, people begging that 2015 be perfect and wonderful year where everything happens for good and is better than the year that is ending.

I’m sorry to say, but the change that you want don’t depend on the next 365 days that are to come. This change much dreamed depends exclusively on the new attitudes and resolutions that you’ll take for their own lives. Don’t expect from 2015 the courage and determination that you didn’t have so far. Instead of wanting the year miraculously be better, why not be better this year.

I could sit and complain about how I had a difficult 2014 for various reasons, but dude; I had an amazing year! I came to know me better, see life from a new perspective, literally born again in 2014. I can only thank for everything that happened to me this year, because everything I had, both new challenges such as unimaginable graces that I had, needed to happen for my growth, and this understanding itself is already something very important.

So before you complain about your year, put yourself in the place of 2014 and see how much it can claim about you. Of yours attitudes, or lack of them. From his complacency in the face of opportunities. And before you want 2015 be a better year, think about how you can be better for the new year is beginning.

Anyway, don’t expect from 2015 what you aren’t willing to do for him. Don’t desire the year decides be better; have the courage to decide what you want instead of waiting to happen. Be yourself the difference that you want to happen. I do not wish, therefore, for you a happy new year full of achievements, desire for your 2015 a great NEW YOU, full of resolutions !!!!

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