Being Happy with Life While Being Unhappy with Life

Lately I have been listening to Gary Vaynerchuk and watching his videos. Recently I watched a video in which he talked about being fearful of everything, but not being fearful of anything. Despite the contradiction in this statement, I knew what he was talking about. It made me think of how I’m happy with my life, but how I’m also unhappy with my life. I’m happy about the things that matter in life: my health and the health of those who I love and I’m the closest to. On the other hand, I’m unhappy with my life because I’m not where I want to be in life. These two extremes help to balance each other out. Not being happy about where I am in life helps keep me from getting complacent and keeps me wanting more and wanting to do something about it. Then being happy about my health and the health of family friends helps keep me from getting crippled and spiraling down a dark rabbit hole of regret. Together they create a yin and yang. Moving forward in life I’m going to make sure to utilize this happiness and unhappiness to achieve what I want in life.