Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

Hi Owen, As someone who would genuinely lay down their life for Jeremy Corbyn if I had to as I admire the man so much, not just for his policies but I have total respect for the way he manages to keep his dignity in tact despite all the abuse he gets thrown at him and will no doubt continue to get from a none to friendly right wing press, I also think that the Corbyn followers like myself are so wrapped up in wanting him to win the next general election that there is always the danger we just might not see the woods for the trees as they say,and we could all be trying to will him to win because that is what we not only hope for,but it is also what we believe, but I do understand what you are saying and not only respect that but also worry that unfortunately it might be true, I will need to get back to you Owen with regards to the questions you pose, as being honest I have only just had time to view them, and secondly it is 5.25 in the morning and I havnt been to bed yet,and my eyes are like the proverbial “holes in the snow” Trust me I get what you are saying and I can totally see where you are coming from, I would like to have a chat with you to discuss things in more detail Owen if thats O.K with you? for the record, you seem to understand were the problems lie regarding these issues and clearly have both the vision and the insight about what needs to be done,and it is because of this that I think it is one of the reasons why you (Yes You) need to re contact Jeremy and find out if he is agreeable to talk to you about taking on board the very valid points you are making, and if you(I dont mean just you I would like to hopefully have a chat with you about that and be part of it) could get others on board to help you devise and come up with a “Game Plan” and a strategy for tackling what you are saying he needs to look at and deal with if he is to have a realistic chance of winning the the next general election, there is no doubt that me and all the other supporters who so want him to win,are so carried away by what is in effect Corbyn Euphoria, and when that wears off reality will kick in, and by then it will be to late, so to conclude for the time being, you clearly know Jeremy very well, so what do you think? would he be prepared to not only heed your advice but actually take it on board, and put it into action? let me know what you think, as for all the Idiots who are giving you grief, if you can ignore them, and if you cant, the second word is off, dont lose any sleep over them they are not worth it, I can assure you Owen there is nobody more passionate than me about wanting a Corbyn Victory, but like you I would be totally devastated if he not only lost the next election, but potentially left the Labour Party having to deal with long term damage that it might not recovery from for many years to come. Chin Up. All the best Gerry.