Cap Consequences — Brooklyn’s Dangerous Game
Daniel Zimmermann

“As an optimist, this team gets to the playoffs in the next four years.”

Are you serious? Nets have one roster spot to fill: someone at least 6'10" who can fill in at Center, in case Mozgov goes down. Then Marks will likely make some adjustments during the season by testing out young undeveloped talent.

Nets were 11–12 in March 2017, once Lin returned. Should Marks decide he wants to make the playoffs (he’s currently downplaying that thought to limit expectations), they will THIS year provided they have very good health combined with moderate surprises. Good health means Carrol returning to ATL form and seeing him play more PF this year.

Those surprises could be Jarrett Allen starting off his career at 75% of the success of what Brook Lopez did as a rookie; Also, the plan for Allen Crabbe to expand his game, now that he should be given a chance to start at SF and be an important part of the offense. Also, Lin mentoring their future franchise player, in Russell;

At the same time, continued improvement from LeVert (eventually should move to SG), RHJ & Dinwiddie. Joe Harris as a shooter and Kilpatrick’s instant offense aren’t even being discussed.

The East is so weak, that playoffs could be in sight this year and certainly beyond, if Marks sticks with Jeremy Lin (doesn’t necessarily have to start after this season).

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