Cap Consequences — Brooklyn’s Dangerous Game
Daniel Zimmermann

Failed to mention that if Marks wanted to increase chances to make playoffs:

  1. Besides getting a quality Big, with the 5.1 M space available,
  2. …he could later on sign someone with the 4.3 M Room MLE that is available (after waiving or trading someone, since roster would be a 15.

Of course, Marks won’t sign anyone expensive for more than 1 year (or 2 yrs for someone cheap), in order to maintain some cap flexibility for 7/19.

The playoffs in the East, are in reach for Nets (with good health) if Marks decides it to be important enough (eg. in order to attract better free agents).

Marks likely would want to make the playoffs in April 2019, and take the next step with addition of a top tier FA at that time;

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