I’m deleting Snapchat, and you should too
katie zhu

To begin with, let me just state that I am an Indian who is not white dude.

Okay, so here’s what I think -

Race is not bad. Racism is. 
I mean, there’s no doubt that people have different skin tones/race, right? What is screwed up is the prejudice for/against them, stemming for whatever reasons.

In my view, the filter is more about representation. And it’s kinda okay to fall in stereotypes while doing that. I don’t think one should de-facto connect the stereotypical representation to the prejudice. Instead, it’s this connection that we should try and root out. Don’t you guys think so?

Along the same lines, I think the filter stands for representation. Yes, the marley filter on 420 day was a dick move, because it connected Weed to Marley, which connected two things that many people (including me) would find unjust and stupid. But I don’t see any such connection formed in this filter.

That being said, you should remove Snapchat nonetheless. It has a shitty interface, and there can definitely be a better medium of socializing.