Making of… Unicorns dabbing in Space as presented at ng-conf

Gerard Sans
May 13 · 4 min read
Preview of the site as presented at ng-conf.

Stackblitz, codename ORBIT

Stackblitz is the default IDE for since February 2018.

On the way to Space

Chief Commander Eric Simmons

So what exactly is Deploy to Space?

How I created ‘Unicorns dabbing in Space’

.cat { 
animation: hover 2s infinite alternate;
@keyframes hover {
to { transform: translateY(10px); }
.unicorn {
animation: space-dabbing 5s steps(20, end) infinite alternate;
@keyframes space-dabbing {
to { transform: translateX(30%) translateY(40%); }
Announcement of Deploy to Space

Reactions from the community

See you at the Rocket Launch! 🚀

Stackblitz Team proudly posing in full gear

Thanks to Tomas Trajan

Gerard Sans

Written by

Developer Advocate @AWSCloud | Just be AWSome | MC Speaker Trainer Community Leader | Views are my own | @fullstackcon @ReactiveConf @ngcruise @UphillConf UK ☂

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