.00 Seth 4 Life

I drank the kool-aid; willingly.

Who brewed it? Seth Godin

I have been a somewhat avid follower of Seth for sometime now. I read his post, buy his books and even follow podcasts who feature him just to hear his voice. However, have I applied his wisdom? No.

I virtually traveled back in time to the 15th January 2002; his 1st post on Seth’s Blog. It was simply…bored. Yes Boring! That was it’s title…I struck pure gold! It was not a researched BuzzFeed hit of “how to’s” or “5 ways”. No. It meant that I had no excuse, simply start; because that’s what he did.

I have not yet become the self-made billionaire who could credit a portion of their success to following the principals laid out by Seth, but these are my first steps.

Feel free to join me on this quest as I seek to apply Seth’s wisdom’s via his blog post to my personal life and design business. The goal is 99! Why? Do the math.

Applicare te

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