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Transaction or Interaction?

I am convinced that each transaction either ends with a benefit to one of the parties or to both. If its an equal benefit to both it becomes a genuine interaction.

Seth cleverly offered a two for the price of one deal, then flips it on its head to leave you puzzled. It’s either brilliant or not. You be the judge.

Whatever you see it as you can agree that he created a desire for both parties to want an interaction. Our basic human desire is to do just that, communicate. This of course involves sharing information. Again it’s important to keep that two-way.

So here you go! This is a short eBook I developed ‘7 Strategies to Master LinkedIn’. I share with the hope that you my fellow applyers would share your own tips and tricks to work on building a network on LinkedIn. Feel free to drop a tip here. It’s a link to the Seth4Life shared Google drive. Have at.

What can you do to spark a genuine interaction? Share you with the world.

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