Describing something as “patronising” or even “patronising in the extreme” is not rational dispute…
Jacky Smith

A bit more ‘blather' for you to try and get to grips with.

The article ‘illustrates' something that simply squares with your own view and your response to me simply echoes this patronising attitude that somehow you, and people like you, knew and understood precisely what you were voting for and others who took an opposing view simply didn’t, were misled or were acting on their suppressed bigoted instincts.

As the learned Paul Mason ably shows in the link I provided, remaining in the EU is not and was not a black or white decision and his final decision on the day would most likely be based on it being the lesser of two evils not out of some great love for the EU itself.

If it makes you feel better about yourself by all means continue to parrot the, ‘it’s a dastardly right wing plot to further subjugate the dumb unwashed masses and only people like me can see through it and save them from themselves’ line, but do me a favour and try and get your facts straight in future and try not to fall into the trap of accusing people of using empty rhetoric when you have added nothing new or of any significance whatsoever to the discussion.

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