Ginny Good

Ginny Good is the best book published anywhere in the world so far this century. It’s an engaging love story along with a worthwhile, narrative nonfiction history of the second half of the 20th century. It’s 357 pages long. It won some prizes and got some good reviews…but a mere book you can just read is nothing compared to The Multimedia Video Book of Ginny Good. It has music and pictures and sound clips that go with the times in the story…from roughly 1959 to the beginning of 2004.

Nobody’s ever done anything like it. Someday, with a few enhancements, it’ll be the coolest way to read, period. The only way you can get the video book (and the multimedia audio book) is to have me mail them to you on a flash drive. Send me an e-mail. Give me a mailing address.

The book takes place mainly in San Francisco in the sixties. It’s like if Ken Burns did the sixties, only better and with less schmaltz. It’s also the best Northern California book ever published in any century. No one has paid any attention to it. That’s okay. No one paid attention to Kafka, either. How many people can say he or she wrote the best book published anywhere in the world so far this century, turned it into the first multimedia video book ever and gives it all away for free? One. Me. Heh. Long after the mindless muddle of current events is gone, the thoughtful beauty of The Multimedia Video Book of Ginny Good will be remembered and revered. Get it and see. Or not. You can read it (or watch the voice only version) on Medium, Vimeo or my site. Thanks. G.