The First Hippie

My meager settlement money’s just about gone. I probably ought to be thinking about getting another job, but I’ve decided to conserve what little money I have left and take a stab at writing this book I’ve been threatening to write for longer than I can remember. I’m not exactly starting from scratch. I’ve started what amounts to the same book on and off for the last thirty years or so and have, in the process, accumulated a little stack of stuff I thought might come in handy someday — the oldest surviving scrap goes back to the spring of 1960. I also have a bunch of old letters and things — part of a diary, a few pictures, a Valentine’s card from Wendy when she was around ten — but, basically, the book’s about four people, Elliot Felton, Virginia Good, Melanie and me, and what we all tried to do with each other back in the summer of 1972.

I suppose I need to start with Ginny. She was the first hippie, in case anyone’s ever wondered. That tidbit of information probably never made its way into any history books, but it’s true. I have proof, documentary evidence. She was also the older sister of Sandra Good, the same Sandra Good who used to be one of the chicks in the so-called Manson Family. Sandy’s still one of the chicks in the so-called Manson Family. I saw her on TV a while ago, talking about how she and Squeaky had set up a website to show what a bum rap poor Charlie got. When I get my sister to stick this all up on the Internet for me, I’ll have her link it to the Charlie Manson site.

I’m pretty sure I still have a letter Ginny sent me about her sister and the so-called Manson Family back before anyone had ever heard of them. I’ve got all kinds of letters and things, stuff I haven’t looked at in years. I think I’ll go ahead and start with a biography of sorts — just write down whatever I vaguely recollect Ginny telling me about what happened to her before I met her. I always used to tell her I was going to write a book about her someday. That was probably partly why she even liked me in the first place. Oh, well. Better late than never.