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In this short post I want to share with you my experience using centralized services for interest earning such as Celsius, BlockFi, or Nexo. These platforms allow you to earn a decent amount of interests (circa 5% annually) by depositing your cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum in their platform. Most of these services are operated via a mobile application and make interest earning really easy and fun by providing real time estimates of yields, which are paid daily, weekly or monthly depending on the platform.

What is cryptocurrency interest earning?

Just like good old banks used to pay interests when a customer deposited their…

Forex Tester is a popular software for back-testing and automatic trading specially focused on the forex market. While the main instruments that this software handles are fiat currencies such as Dollar, Yuan, Euro, etc. Forex Tester also can be used with crypto-currencies.

In order to make crypto-currency data accessible to the community of Forex Tester users, at we have just included a new output format in our CSV downloader which is Forex Tester compliant. You can select it by clicking the “Forex Tester” check-box of the CSV downloader form:

A simple click & download application

At, we strive to provide easy access to cryptocurrency financial data to use in your personal trading strategies or third-party bots. Some weeks ago, we released our own API to access Bitfinex data and today we are releasing a simple application to download price data in CSV files. We also currently support Bitfinex pairs and more than 300 pairs from Binance.

Downloading CSV files of price data is dead simple:

  1. Access to our CSV download page:
  2. Select which exchange you want to download data from (Binance or Bitfinex)
  3. Click on the pairs you are interested about. Keep in…

Why naming a cryptocurrency ‘NAS’ instead of ‘XZC’ generates familiarity and boosts purchase interest in the first week after exchange listing

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In the bestseller Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman takes a full chapter to explore how the way concepts, ideas, pictures or text are presented to us and the effort it takes for us to understand them has an effect on our attitude and emotions towards them. Thus, hard to see images or text fonts are usually related to negative attitudes or displeasure when compared to clear, outlined images or fonts. He calls this phenomenon as the pleasure of cognitive ease.

In the same line, he explains that

easily pronounced words evoke a favorable attitude. Companies with pronounceable names do…

4 rules to remember

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In this short rule list I want to share with you (and my future self) few opinionated lessons I learned the hard way since I bought my first Bitcoin at the beginning of 2018. This post is dedicated to all those long-term investors and traders of Bitcoin and altcoins. If you are still unsure about the potential of the technology and you are here to make a quick buck, this list is not for you. …

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In previous articles we talked about tick bars, volume bars and dollar bars, alternative types of bars which allow market activity-dependent sampling based on the number of ticks, volume or dollar value exchanged. Additionally, we saw how these bars display better statistical properties such as lower serial correlation when compared to traditional time-based bars. In this article we will talk about information-driven bars and specifically about imbalance bars. These bars aim to extract information encoded in the observed sequence of trades and notify us of a change in the imbalance of trades. …

Using Postman or Curl to download Bitcoin, Ethereum and all the data from in json or csv format was recently launched to provide cryptocurrency price bar data for a range of cryptoassets both in json or csv (classic excel table) format. offers not only time candlestick data but also state-of-the-art alternative bars such as tick bars, volume bars, dollar bars or imbalance bars. In this post I want to show how to use a HTTP client such as Postman (standalone program) or curl (command-line program) to query the data from

1. Register to CryptoDatum and get your API key

Before you can start querying data from you have to obtain your own API key. An API key is a string that identifies you…

In this article we will learn how to build volume and dollar bars and we will explore what advantages they offer in respect to traditional time-based candlesticks and tick-bars. Finally, we will analyze two of their statistical properties — autocorrelation and normality of returns — in a large dataset of 16 cryptocurrency trading pairs


In a previous post we learned how to build tick bars and assessed their particular ability to self-regulate the sampling rate based on a higher or lower activity in the market. Similar to tick bars, volume and dollar bars also allow the synchronization of the sampling rate with the activity of the market, but each of them understands the concept of activity in a different way. In the case of tick bars, market activity is defined as number of trades taken place in the exchanged. Volume bars define activity as the number of assets traded in the exchange — for…

In this article we will learn how to build tick bars, we will thoroughly analyze their statistical properties such as normality of returns or autocorrelation and we will explore in which scenarios these bars can be a good substitute for traditional time-based candlesticks. In order to illustrate the applicability of tick bars in the forecasting of cryptocurrency markets, we will base our analysis on a whole dataset comprising 16 cryptocurrency trading pairs including the most popular cryptoassets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin

1. — Introduction

In a previous article we explored why traditional time-based candlesticks are not the most suitable price data format if we are planning to train a machine learning (ML) algorithm. Namely: (1) time-based candlesticks over-sample low activity periods and under-sample high activity periods, (2) markets are increasingly controlled by trading algorithms that no longer follow any human-related daylight cycle, (3) the use of time-based candlesticks is ubiquitous among traders and trading bots, which increases the competition and, as we will see in this article, (4) time-based candlesticks offer poorer statistical properties. …

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