Hello, Textured World
Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

A proper comment:

A wicked cool idea; audio liner notes for a written work. A nice turnabout on Bowie.

I woke up yesterday, reached for my phone is a groggy haze and saw your story at the top of my screen. I pressed play, leaned back and closed my eyes… I didn’t focus on the words as much as your voice, it was apprehensive at first, like a lover who wasn’t sure he should be there, but decided to stay, see what happened. By the end you had found a quiet confidence, a calming almost zen that was somewhat intoxicating. You have a very seductive voice, controlled and deliberate… each word measured with just the right level of meaning….

I think I heard one “ummm” and it may have been deliberate. Quite unusual for a first podcast. Some speakers never do break the habit and it ends up being scrubbed in post (I hate doing that… tedious)

It was the perfect length, not too long, not too complex but not just throw-away content either. Hearing a writer’s physical voice lends a depth to their written work… but not an audio book. I’m rarely a fan of audio books read by authors. That being said, I’m trying to find that “book voice” for mine mostly because my editor is pounding on me because I may have promised to do it after having had a whiskey drink, a vodka drink, a cider drink, a lager…

Well that went south quickly. Here I thought I had wrapped my head fully around what I wanted to say, but clearly I lied to myself. Let’s hang it up here. ;)

Oh, yeah now I remember one little thing. Questions… that is the easy path out… but I get where you may want to do that at times. If you ever wanted to do a longer but or an interview, holler. I got a mic of two lying about.

Ok, now for reals. Going. Really.