This , as bad as it sounds, is very true.
A Ennis

Absolutely every bit of this is true. Most Americans would argue vehemently against it all but they would be wrong. I have one foot in the United States and one foot in Denmark but my entire wallet is the property of the United States. (There is no way around that. Citizenship laws make damn sure I will owe them money even beyond the grave.)

I see everything and it is really hard to refute anything in this “rant.” It’s all true and provable. So much evidence exists, yet since many Americans never travel outside her borders, never question the “exceptionalism” narrative, the powers are able to craft that narrative USA! USA! USA!

Like when you are watching a parade and the emperor is clearly, empirically naked but nobody says so because they all believe so profoundly that his skin is clothing.

I would add one more thing: American “high speed” internet is also the slowest damn crap anywhere in the developed world. Wireless cell service in the middle of China is faster.

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