The Democrats are Hemorrhaging Voters for the Same Reason You’re Still Single
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

“…all I ever learned of love was how to shoot someone who outdrew ya…”

That Leonard Cohen line popped into my head as I read this. That is the game the Republicans are playing and have played for decades. (maybe the Democrats, too, I dunno… too tired right now to think this through…)

You are right about love, though, but I’m tired of getting outdrawn and shot. I hope your generation figures it out before the health insurance corporations get off the fatal shot on me. But that’ll probably be what happens. (excuse the gun metaphor… it is what was in the cultural quiver…)

Not entirely sure politics has anything to do with love. It should, but it doesn’t. It’s about power and power is antithetical to love.

For-profit health care insurance is a terrible business model, guaranteed to collapse eventually. Too many people make too much money from it here, though. The ACA was a huge bandaid on a gaping wound. It bought the insurance corps more time to regroup and 8 years later, they have decided they aren’t getting enough out of the “customers” forced or coerced into buying their sh*t. This new bill — AHCA, BCHA, BULLACA, whatever letters they are now pulling out of their rectums — now bolsters profits by cutting taxes they pay and reducing their risks. In short, it will give them another 8–10 years of immoral profits. What then? I dunno, I probably won’t be here to see it.

MedicareForAll, SinglePayer, whatever name we give it is the solution to providing sustainable healthcare to an expanding population if that is really the goal.

Or they can shrink the pool by killing people off… seems like they’ve chosen the latter.

I wrote 100 letters during the election. Not one was answered…