Will Snapchat and Musical.ly Be Around in 6 Months? …Who Cares.
Gary Vaynerchuk

Audience, audience, audience, not platform. If you are someone, somebrand that your audience wants to connect with, they will find you, so go where they are. We advise a lot of soccer tournaments on social (TheGameThroughGlass) Some events pooh, pooh social because they find it hard to build a following….and, yeah, it is DAMN HARD, but the ones who were on twitter early, pushing out scores immediately after the games built a reputation that makes bringing their audience over to their snapchat channel to follow real-time, host-led commentary, event color and “surprise ‘member-only’ deals” from sponsors super easy. It’s about reputation and attention. If you were there early, great. If not, start today… keep going because while snapchat and musical.ly may eventually go away, social is not! Neither is your audience on social.

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