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By a very conservative calculation, at the end of two Hillary Clinton terms, I will have handed over $124,800.00 to Anthem BC/BS of Ohio in PREMIUMS ALONE, not counting any OOP expenses. I did that calculation on them increasing my premiums an average of 20% annually because when I did, they were going anywhere from ~16–23% reliably for the past 10 years. Last year, they hit the max of 29% and I suspect they will continue to request — and be granted by the Ohio Dept Of Insurance — that increase… so I should probably adjust that upwards.

I can’t not have health insurance. The structure of what the ACA and The Democrats consider everyone’s “fair share” is outrageous! I am more than happy to pay into a tax fund that pays for universal health care for everyone as they need it, but to penalize older people between 50–64 who have already contributed a huge part of their working lives into a system that is being dismantled rapidly is the very defination of sadism! Where does Hillary Clinton think we’re gonna get the money to pay for the status quo of the ACA?!?! Who the hell does she think the “Middle Class” is any more? I’m seriously struggling with those answers and can’t vote Repubican even if Trump wasn’t the nominee… “mainstream” Republicans like Paul Ryan are just as bad without the bombastic crap!

I get the argument against the Bernie Sanders pie in the sky medicare for all promises and that we should not blow up the ACA, but that pile of steaming poo is going to explode on its own as insurance corps pull out and go home with all their private money once they figure there is no more to get.

The ACA is a bunch of Republican garbage wrapped up in The Democrats wrapping paper. The legal protections are nice, but there really is nobody to call (except a lawyer who will then want money) if the insurance company decides to quit paying claims.. or delaying.. or asking you to verify info before paying… on and on and on.. they do this!

I think we’re all just trying to run out the clock, hoping to get to MedicareAge. The problem with that is the “gig” generation coming up hasn’t been paying nearly enough into the system…. we are all going to feel a whole lot of pain in the next decade as the pillars start to crack.

I hope my Canadian or Danish relatives can make room for one more.