Dogs are direct

When dogs want some intimacy, they are direct. They whine a little, maybe stuff their wet noses in your face, nudge their snouts into your hands.

“Pet me, scratch my ear, rub my belly…. mmmmmmm …. I like that, don’t stop, I need you and nothing else will do…”

Human beings should be more direct. Instead we play coy little games with each other, driven by fear of rejection. But how often do we really get rejected by each other? How many times do we simply not ask?

My other dog Sallie, part lab, part pit…all heart. She is whining in the photo. She needs petting time and what I call a “barrel rub” where I rub her vigorously from stem to stern until she is all rubbed out and she settles in. Some nights it takes a few minutes and other nights we’re at it for half an hour. No way of telling how long it will take before we start. She is now snoring next to me as I tap out this story.