Anyway, yes – I can indeed relate to a lot of what you have written, and the frustrations of people close to you dismissing your knowledge and expertise, to their peril. It can be very upsetting.
It is a great topic, yes!

Dreams, education… it all changes you but also changes your relationship with those who championed you on. Mostly, I think they are scared you will leave them behind. It’s been my experience. I dunno … I don’t reach for things lots of times because I feel that tug of being selfish, I can go there but because of your lack of education, you cannot…

I heard today that half of the Ohio electorate is white, non-college educated. HALF! Never used to be, but a lot of corporations that used to employ highly educated folks — including a textbook company that had 200 people with PhDs in one building — all moved to lower tax states (also with populations of lesser educated people but … lower taxes… HUZZAH!)

I’ve overheard a USAF airman once tell his smart son he didn’t want him to go to college (because of the cost, mostly I think, but one wonders if an educated son would threaten his patriarchy…) Who dings their kids like that? I suspect this goes on in millions of households though, having seen it firsthand.

Constant struggle these days to find intelligent conversation anywhere around these parts.

Sorry, this comment was not supposed to be this long. This thread is fascinating on lots of levels for me… thank you for writing it.

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