Gérard Mclean
Nov 24 · 1 min read

Dumping out workers over 50 may be the short-term solution for an individual company, but now as they are all doing it, it is becoming a massive problem the entire community will have to solve.

Health care costs go through the roof, ready cash for the grandkids dries up and customers for these same companies begin to disappear. American governments are not helping either by making austerity the norm, further eroding the purchasing power of patents and grandparents.

It’s a downward spiral caused by very short-term, survival-mode thinking.

Edited: One other thing that came up in a later conversation… all those under 27 year-olds that employers love to hire are attached to their over-50 parents’ health care plans that disappear when their old parents get let go. So do employers now disqualify young people who need health care benefits? This is not going to end up in a good place.

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