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Exactly! (I was attempting /sarcasm/ oops) If there is a regulation it just means someone tried to cheat a system and a government stepped in. Mostly. Removing them requires a Chesterton’s Gate examination. It could very well mean the regulation is no longer needed but you can’t remove it responsibly until you understand why it was put there in the first place.

My general view of regulations is it makes good businesspeople better and sharper at what they do. Any idiot can be a good businessperson sans limitations. I may have written an essay about newspaper graphic artists and why I think they are the best in the industry. I’ll drum it up and link it if it is not on medium.

I’m based out of Dayton, Ohio and Kingston, NY but I spend as much time as I can in NYC. It is MY “retirement” plan but I am not entirely free to be thoroughly urban. Upstate is a compromise and Ohio is a remnant of a middle class life I am eager to shed… yet… it’s a bit complicated and I’m trying to uncomplicated things… ;)