How NOT to Nail that Corporate Gig.

God help me, I was once Antoinette. You keep writing about all the horrible HR people I once was in a previous life and I feel like I owe you a huge apology.

Can I buy you some cake instead? Like a whole one, complete with a fork…. your choice on whether or not you use the fork, not judging. Who among us hasn’t been face down in a whole cake? It’s a résumé skill, trust me on this.

And just because @medium would let me highlight a photo, I’m plopping it in the response instead. WE WILL NOT BE BOUND BY THE RULES!!!

This photo is a highlight.

Because I chose to say résumé instead of resume my iPhone keyboard has now switched to French and i have to correct my typos so i dont soubd lind an English-speaking idiot… Merde…. and retour.